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Jimmydog Custom Portraits
Capture your memories with an endearing custom portrait painted by renowned North Carolina portrait artist Todd Belcher, specializing in custom painted pet portraits.

Todd is known for his colorful, stylistic interpretations and his ability to create a composite portrait from multiple photographs. He draws and paints every custom portrait by hand, utilizing his exceptional artistic gift to convey the unique spirit and likeness of his subjects.

You can commission a portrait of your beloved pet or a special child, family member or friend, and Todd will create a custom portrait from your photographs. You can also commission a pencil or painted portrait from multiple photos, and Todd will place all the subjects together in one work of original custom portrait art.
This is unique because it can create a cherished portrait of your relatives or ancestors, placing them together even if they are not in the same original photograph. Todd also accepts commissions for custom pencil and painted portraits of architecture, including homes and churches.

Custom Portrait: Mr. McClary

"When I opened my last birthday present at a family gathering this summer, I was absolutely stunned to see such an incredible portrait of my dog McClary! Not only did Todd capture McClary's spirit, he also perfectly textured his soft, wispy, spotted coat. It's almost unbelievable that Todd has never seen McClary in person, and only had a photograph to work from, because the piece really captures the true essence of who McClary is to me. To find out only minutes later that Todd Belcher was the artist, was the second part in this huge surprise. The gift was given to me by my boyfriend's parents, and they discovered Todd, not knowing that we are friends who haven't seen each other in many years! Synchronicity always adds an amazing depth to a situation, and this was no exception. My boyfriend and I (and many others) will enjoy McClary's portrait forever! Thank you Todd, for your artistic talent, and ability to 'tap into' the spirit of our loving pets!"
— Dottie Northup, Wiinston-Salem, North Carolina

Custom portraits make a distinctively wonderful gift, especially for the pet lover. A custom painted pet portrait can be a treasured way to immortalize a lost pet, honoring their unconditional love through art.

Also available are fine art prints for anyone who wishes to share their custom portrait with friends and loved ones. Each fine art print captures the rich color and detail of the original portrait and is hand-signed by the artist. For more information, visit the Commission a Portrait page.

"So nice to remember my dear Gertrude with this new portrait by Todd. She was a smart, gorgeous cat who loved to spend time outdoors, and Todd captured her perfectly."
— Julie P., Winston Salem, North Carolina

Custom Portrait: Gertrude

If you have questions about custom painted pet portraits or other commissions, contact Todd at 336-201-7475 or send a message from our contact page. Visit our Custom Portrait Gallery to see examples of Todd's work.

In response to the feedback we've received from happy customers, we now offer gift items featuring selected custom portraits. Our online store includes quality portrait reproductions on selected items including note cards, framed prints and t-shirts.

Visit the Jimmydog Shop to see the gift items now available.

Custom Portrait: Francesca

"Dear Stephanie and Todd, The mailman just delivered Francesca’s portrait. I cried when I opened it, and saw how Todd had really captured her eyes. No e-mail could show the glow he caught: both Ron and I were very moved by the likeness to our girl. It’s beautiful. A wonderful job. Heartfelt thanks from both of us. You’ve been great to work with and the finished portrait has made us both very happy both for its artistic quality and as a loving commemoration of our much-missed little devil, Francesca."
— O.G., Spartanburg, South Carolina

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