Old dogs are the best
7:21 pm | January 16, 2020

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If you’re lucky, you will earn the love of an old dog and we’ve been blessed with 3 that lived good, long lives. Other than CCO Miss Sally, we’d give anything for one more kiss from Jimmy, Joey and Freddie. Wish we could have them all here together with us now.

Too cute!
3:45 pm | January 15, 2020

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Wednesday cuteness alert! We know we’re just the tiniest bit partial but doesn’t CCO Miss Sally have the cutest little puppy butt?

Pumpkin’s portrait was the perfect gift
12:59 pm | January 14, 2020

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Meet Pumpkin. One of Todd’s holiday portraits, a wonderful and much missed cat. We hope this portrait gift from a daughter to her father will bring happy memories and give him comfort now that he’s at the bridge.

Top Fans rock!
9:47 pm | January 13, 2020

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2020 is the year of the fan! Don’t forget to get engaged with our posts for your chance to be entered into our monthly giveaway. In 2019, Facebook started designating “Top Fans.” We do not choose top fans, a “Top Fan” designation is given by FB to those who regularly interact with our posts. In 2020, we’re celebrating our Top Fans with a monthly giveaway. At the end of every month, we will randomly draw one Top Fan name and they will receive a Jimmydog print item and travel cup. There’s still plenty of time for you to get in on all the fun. Make sure to comment, comment, comment (more comments get you to Top Fan status quicker), like, tag and share our posts and you too will be a Top Fan! (Prints pictured are samples of the type of item the winner will receive.)

Heart dogs
2:32 pm | January 10, 2020

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At it’s best, a gift of a personal, custom piece of art should evoke wonderful memories and the love shared with a special pet. Sweet Savannah crossed the bridge several years ago and this painting to honor and remember her is the most precious gift from a wife to her husband missing his heart dog. After receiving his painting, he said it was the best present ever and that he remembers that day on the beach at Oak Island well. Music to our ears.

Happy clients!
3:38 pm | January 9, 2020

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Hearing from happy clients about their custom pet portrait is the best part of our day.

Deac and Libba
2:53 pm | January 8, 2020

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The last holiday treats have been enjoyed with your family and friends and the decorations are put away waiting to be enjoyed again next year. What is there to look forward to? Why enjoying all the beautiful new artwork gifts painted by Todd. Today we share best friends Deac and Libba, a lovely gift from a son to his parents who “have everything” but we bet they didn’t have this!

“Wow!! Amazing how Todd captures their likeness! Love it!!
So excited to give to them for Christmas!!” — Tad R., WS, NC

We’re celebrating our Top Fans!
3:21 pm | January 6, 2020

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We love our fans! Your comments, likes, shares and tags on our posts are the highlight of our day. In 2019, Facebook started designating “Top Fans.” We do not choose top fans, a “Top Fan” designation is given by FB to those who regularly interact with our posts. In 2020, we’re celebrating our Top Fans with a monthly giveaway. At the end of every month, we will randomly draw one Top Fan name and they will receive a Jimmydog print item and travel cup. There’s still plenty of time for you to get in on all the fun. Make sure to comment, comment, comment (more comments get you to Top Fan status quicker), like, tag and share our posts and you too will be a Top Fan! (Prints pictured are samples of the type of item the winner will receive.)

Jimmydog’s new CCO runs and jumps into her new role
4:24 pm | November 20, 2019

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After an intensive search, Jimmydog is pleased to announce it has hired Miss Sally as its next chief canine officer, perhaps the most important role at the company. Sally has no prior experience as a CCO but we saw in her an intelligence and drive that make her well-suited to the role, and she is speeding through her training program. We didn’t take this hiring decision lightly. Jimmydog’s three previous CCOs (Jimmy, Joey and Freddie) left enormous paws to fill but we know Sally will grow into them. Just a few weeks on the job, she’s written her first blog, or dlog, as she wants to call it. Read on to learn more about our latest hire and what she has planned as Jimmydog’s CCO.

Hello everyone!

My name is Sally and I’m the new chief canine officer at Jimmydog. I’m actually still in training but I’m super smart and a fast learner so I think I’ll get the official CCO badge (Is there a badge? I hope there’s a badge! Maybe there’s a sash!) in no time.

I know there was a least one other candidate for this job, but I felt confident I’d be the best choice, and Todd and Stephanie Belcher agreed, hiring me after only one interview. I came into this job highly qualified. I already know sit, down and paw. Paw is especially handy when I greet Jimmydog customers. And it didn’t hurt that I’m an adorable terrier, making me the fourth adorable terrier to serve as Jimmydog CCO.

Only a few weeks into my official Jimmydog training program, I’ve mastered several of my responsibilities. I started with the floor manager duties. (You’ve got to make sure the comfy dog bed doesn’t sneak off and get itself into trouble. The key, I’ve found, is to stretch out and lie on it.) And I’ve got Todd on a schedule of daily walks to keep him energized and creative for his long days of painting.
Being an over-achiever, I spent several hours on my first day — even though it was a weekend — carefully studying Todd’s artwork. My job description says I need to be able to assist Todd with choosing colors and compositions. I don’t know how much help he’ll need because he seems to be very good at painting but I want to be able to provide advice if he gets stuck. I was especially impressed with the portraits of my predecessors, Jimmy, Joey and Freddie. I hope one day to sit for my own portrait. (Surely that day will come soon. I am so cute!)

I’ve made a few public appearances, being sure to be as cute as possible to attract attention to the business — and pets for myself. (I negotiated plenty of pets and tummy rubs from Todd and Stephanie as part of my compensation. Any extra pets from friends, customers and even strangers are bonuses I don’t have to share with the Belchers! They are mine, all mine!)

And now, here I am writing this dlog. (You might know the term blog, but I like to put my own spin on things — and want to show Stephanie, Jimmydog’s creative director, that I’m versatile and have a flair for marketing.) Anyway, this is my very first dlog and I think I’m nailing it!

A little more about me and my background since I haven’t had time to get a LinkedIn page up. I’m a mini-Wheat, a 26-pound Wheaten terrier, just 1½ years old. I enjoy walks, car rides and playing with toys.

My previous employers made sure I was well-educated, and I am grateful but my talents weren’t being used well in that job. They wanted a full-time yard supervisor, which is boring after a day or two. I enjoyed my co-worker, a nice lab, but we both decided we needed new opportunities.

I set about looking for an intellectually challenging position that came with a nice home office. Jimmydog has two great home offices: Todd has a cool art studio upstairs, Stephanie has her office downstairs, and I run back and forth between the two. To show my hustle, I usually skip the stairs, flying from floor to floor. (They don’t have an elevator. I’m not complaining. The Belchers offer an excellent health insurance plan but I want to stay fit and healthy to avoid unnecessary trips to the vet. And, in my way of thinking, all visits to the vet are unnecessary!)

There’s a small cafeteria between Todd and Stephanie’s offices. I don’t have unlimited access to snacks, and I’m going to have to discuss that with them, but Jimmydog provides all my meals and that’s a great perk, plus I get after-work bones for unwinding in the evenings.

So, all in all, I couldn’t be happier. I hope to have a long tenure here at Jimmydog. Heck, I may even retire from here someday — many, many years from now. (I’ll have to ask about their retirement plan. That goes on tomorrow’s to-do list!) I hope they’re happy with me!

Woofs and wags,

Our Rainbow Bridge packs sends us just the right next dog
5:46 pm | November 12, 2019

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Our house has been quiet and, honestly, we’ve been lonely since Freddie crossed the Rainbow Bridge in September to be with our other dogs Jimmy and Joey. It was the first time in 17 years, we hadn’t shared our life with a dog. Not long after Freddie crossed, we got a letter from Jimmy telling us that the three of them were taking on the task of finding our next dog, and they didn’t let us down. We’ve just adopted Sally, a sweet little Wheaten terrier (we call her a mini-Wheat), who was wearing a red collar, just as Jimmy told us she would be. And soon after Sally arrived, we received this letter, explaining just how Freddie, Joey and Jimmy made sure she found her way into our home — and hearts.

Dear Stephanie & Todd,

We have been glued to channel 740 since Sally arrived at the house! Even Freddie has taken a break from her jam-packed schedule of long walks and LegLyft excursions to catch this must-see TV with Joey and me!

We’ve loved watching Sally explore the house, sniff the messages we left and play with her new toys. Freddie noticed that Sally already is preparing for her job as chief canine officer at Jimmydog, carefully studying the artwork on the walls and examining the dog statues that Todd has painted so she can fully understand his style.
She’s been fun to watch, but what we’ve loved most is seeing the two of you warming to a new dog.

We think she’s just about perfect. Cute, smart, energetic, curious, affectionate.
As we said in our last letter, we took our job of finding the next member of the Belcher pack very seriously. As important as our jobs as ambassadors to the Rainbow Bridge Newcomers Club are, we knew our search for your next dog would be the most important thing we’ve done since crossing the bridge. (And then our friend Biscuit found that perfect new girl Callie for her family and the stakes got even higher. We couldn’t be outdone!)

Freddie, Joey and I had a meeting and envisioned our ideal dog for you. Most importantly, we decided she would need to love walks, car rides and outings. And, in keeping with our family tradition, we thought it best if she was an adorable terrier type, just like the three of us. We also decided she should be a little smaller than we are. (No offense, but you aren’t getting any younger and we want you to be able to pick her up easily for many, many, many years to come!)

Complicating things was the fact that we weren’t only searching for a perfect pet for the two of you, we were going to be finding the next CCO for Jimmydog. She would need to provide inspiration for Todd’s painting, keep both of you on task during the workday and serve as spokesdog for the business. As former CCOs ourselves, we understood we had left big paws to fill!

For several weeks, Joey and I spent each morning helping get the new Rainbow Bridge arrivals settled and then, instead of playing or napping, we searched PackFinder and the rescue pages of Snoutbook. So many dogs need homes! (Too many dogs need homes!) At first, Joey wanted to send them all to live with you.

“Stephanie and Todd are the best people ever!” he would say. “All these dogs deserve to be part of the Belcher pack.”

“Remember our criteria,” I would tell him, pointing to the list that Freddie had written and taped to our living room wall as a reminder.

Each night, when Freddie returned from her daily outing and after we’d eaten dinner as a family, Freddie would review the dogs Joey and I had picked as possibilities.

“Nope. Nope. Maybe. Nope,” she’d say, rapidly swiping left and right (mostly left) with her paw. We followed the same process day after day until about two weeks ago.

“Oh! I think this one is good.” Joey said.

I took a look. She was a cute terrier mix, fond of walks. I agreed with Joey that Freckles was a solid contender and we ran a background check that came back clear. When Freddie got home, we rushed through dinner so we could show her the dog we’d found.
“Hmm,” Freddie said, reviewing Freckles’ profile and photos before studying the background check report.

“We think she might be the one,” Joey said.

“She seems great,” Freddie said. But we could tell she wasn’t as excited as Joey and me. Her tail hadn’t wagged once, not even a twitch. “Let me sleep on it.”

Joey and I awoke to find Freddie already gone for the day, a Paws-It note stuck to our requirements list on the wall. “Keep looking. Love, Freddie,” it said.

And so we did. (We always do what Freddie says!)

Then, just a few days later, we came across Sally, or Bingo as she was called in her before life. Joey saw her picture on PackFinder and before he even read her profile, he showed her to me. We both knew at first sight she was the one! No question: She would be the next Belcher dog.

Still, Freddie would demand a thorough review so Joey and I made sure she met all of our-agreed upon requirements. Check, check, check and check. Her background report was clear, too. We couldn’t wait for Freddie to get home.

“Find any good candidates today?” she asked as we gnawed on after-dinner bones. This time, Joey and I had decided to play it cool.

“We found one who might be an option,” Joey said as he slid his iPaw over to her.

Freddie took a look. She said nothing but her tail began to spin. She looked back as if to tell her tail, “Stop it!” Freddie raced through Sally’s profile and background check and by the time she got done, her tail was spinning so hard her whole butt was swaying side to side.

“It’s her! She’s the one!” Freddie woofed. “Did you notice? She even looks a bit like me when I was a young pup!” (Joey and I exchanged looks. We realized that resemblance would help seal the deal for Freddie.)

We couldn’t contain our excitement anymore. The three of us tumbled out into the yard, running, barking and clashing against each other until we were exhausted. When we headed back into the house, Freddie logged onto the site of the rescue caring for Sally and sent a Subliminal Message (it’s kind of like a text message we send back across the bridge) that Sally needed to wear a red collar so Stephanie would be sure to recognize her. Then Joey fixed us a fresh batch of bones and we turned on the TV, flipping to channel 740.

On the screen, Stephanie was doing her own search of dog rescue sites, scrolling through dog after dog after dog. We could tell she was sad about things not working out with Freckles’ adoption but we knew she’d understand why soon enough. Scroll. Scroll. Scroll. And then Stephanie stopped on the photo of a soft-coated Wheaten terrier, 1 ½ years old, 26 pounds, eyes bright, tongue out. The exact same photo that stopped Joey’s search.
When we saw Stephanie begin to fill out the rescue’s application, we had to run around outside for a second celebration. (Who knew this dog placement process would be so exciting — or tiring?)

Freddie agreed that she needed to stay put the next few days, and Joey and I called on substitute ambassadors to take over our official Rainbow Bridge duties. None of us could bear to miss the next episodes of “Sally Finds Her Forever Home.”

The day Sally arrived at your house was the single best episode we’ve ever seen on channel 740, paws down, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Tail wags and doggy kisses!


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