Merry Christmas in July!
4:07 pm | July 25, 2012

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It’s been a very hot summer in NC and we’re longing for the chilly days of the holidays!  We’re giving you a cool gift to celebrate Christmas in July and help you with your winter holiday shopping.  A $50.00 American Express gift card will be given to the next 2 orders we receive that ask for the AmEx gift card special. The real holidays are less than 6 months away and to ensure holiday delivery portraits need to be ordered by September. A custom pet portrait is the perfect thing for all those special people on your list.

Todd has been very busy this spring/summer and has many new portraits to share. We’ve updated our website with lots of new images and started a new blog all about our namesake, the one and only Jimmy dog. Please visit to see all the great new work, learn all about Jimmy and see how easy it is to commission a portrait for yourself or a gift. Gift certificates are available and we can do it all over the phone.

For those in the NC Triad, make sure to watch Todd on Tuesday, July 31 WFMY News at 6:00pm. He’s going to be featured on their popular “Made in the Triad” segment.

Wishing you the happiest of holidays!









To immortalize your holiday pack, please visit or call 336-201-7475. Follow us on Facebook at

Happy Trails
3:14 pm | July 10, 2012

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One of Jimmy's favorite look-out spots on his daily walk.

Every few weeks Jimmy and I would visit my parents, John and Edith, in Dallas, North Carolina. This was one of Jimmy’s favorite things to do since my father would take us on some great walks at the local parks and school grounds. When we arrived, Jimmy would immediately start barking at my father to tell him he was ready to go. My father and I, Jimmy, and my father’s two dogs, Sissy and Brownie, would pile into his truck for our excursion. Jimmy would run free on these walks, free again to explore as he had done when he walked on the parkway. One time we even encountered a man riding a horse. The horse was jumping into the air but luckily did not land on the dogs. Jimmy always had the best times on those walks with my father. The last walk we went on, in January 2000, Jimmy got stuck in a briar patch, which I had to get him untangled from. These walks usually lasted well over an hour, and we would often go deep into the woods, far removed from the urban environment in which we lived our daily life. Special times in the woods with the dogs and my dad.

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