Our pets already know
2:45 pm | December 17, 2015

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“It we are ever to enjoy life, now is the time, not tomorrow or next year . . . Today should always be our wonderful day.” — Thomas Dreier Something our dear pets already know!

Why give a pet portrait?
2:02 pm | December 16, 2015

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Our pets enter our homes, our lives—and our hearts. For animal lovers, there’s no better gift—for yourself or someone you love—than a custom portrait of a special pet. Artist Todd Belcher uses photographs to capture the unique personalities and spirits of the animals he paints, creating images cherished by recipients. And, when our beloved pets leave us too soon, a portrait becomes a treasured way to remember the time we shared together and honor the special place they held in our lives

Still time!
2:21 pm | December 10, 2015

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When we’re looking for a gift to give someone we love, we want an item that’s meaningful, special, unique. For pet lovers, there’s no better gift than a custom portrait of a beloved animal. Using photographs, artist Todd Belcher elevates the images to capture the unique essence of each pet, creating a one-of-a-kind piece of art that will forever be cherished by the recipient. There’s still time to give the gift of a pet portrait to those you love. We have gift certificates and the very popular sketch option. Contact us today to see how todd@jimmydog.com


Deck the Halls!
2:20 pm |

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Time to Deck the Halls! Looking for original, hand made, local art? Make sure to shop the Sawtooth’s annual art sale Deck the Halls. Todd is featured along with many other wonderful local artists.


Stocking stuffers!
2:28 pm | December 7, 2015

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Fine art gifts in small packages. 10″x10″ wood blocks ready to hang or display with included easel. Only $20.00 including S&H. Remember to shop local and support local artists.


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