Genius dog!
2:23 pm | February 15, 2022

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This just in! According to a study from, head tilting could be a sign of great intelligence. In the study, dogs considered “gifted word learners” were found that in addition to the ability to identify toys by their names, these dogs also display head tilts more often and more consistently than average learners. We always knew Chief Canine Officer Miss Betty was a genius!

The Rainbow Bridge
5:43 pm | February 6, 2022

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We’re so proud of our best boy Jimmy Belcher. Did you know that in addition to his very important job as a Newcomers Club Ambassador at the Rainbow Bridge, he can also send letters home, updating you on a beloved pet and how they’re settling in. Each letter is personally written and custom illustrated including several custom portraits. Recently a sweet little chihuahua named Charlotte Webb crossed the bridge and Jimmy was so happy that a good friend commissioned him to send an update to his family. Yesterday he received this sweet note from them:
“Hi! I received a letter from you. It was for our sweet dog Charlotte who passed away recently. THANK YOU!! I can never thank you enough for that letter, we will keep it forever. It was one of the most thoughtful things anyone has ever done for us. All of the details in it about Charlie: Charlotte and Charlie for short, that she loved chicken and sunshine and blankets, and that she`s living next door to Missy`s cat Simon. I can’t tell you how much happiness and comfort this brought us. It really means the world to us. Thank you so much!” — The Webbs
If you’re missing a pet, let Jimmy know and he’ll be happy to pay them and visit and send a letter home

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