Happy National Mutt Day!
3:24 pm | July 31, 2020

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Happy National Mutt day! This day was created to celebrate these lovable, unique pets who paw their way into our homes and hearts. Meet Archie, the most adorable Corgi mix who ever lived. Archie lived the best life with our July Top Fan Janice Hughes who commissioned Todd to paint this tribute to her beloved dog in 2009! Archie has been a resident at the bridge for many years is doing well and has become fast friends with our beloved pack of rainbow mutts, Jimmy, Joey and Freddie.

Missing Clooney
3:33 pm | July 15, 2020

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There once was a dog named Clooney, George Clooney! A very good boy, our god dog visited regularly and was often quite helpful. At one time our “Doggy Van Go Go” had an electronic window that stopped rolling down and Clooney was on the case. One hot day Todd loaded up Clooney, Freddie and Joey to take them out for a walk and left them for a few minutes in our driveway with the car/ac running. When he returned, Clooney had locked them in and we had no extra key! Triple A was quick on the scene to unlock the door and in the process the window was fixed. Thank you Clooney, missing you today and everyday. November 2006-July 15, 2018.

The Alex Hayden Effect
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It’s called the Alex Hayden effect. Now more than ever! Read it. Learn it. Live it.
• Be generous without fear.
• Assume the best in people.
• Stay curious, keep learning.
• Share your gifts freely.
• Offer your help without thinking twice.
• Smile first.
• Say yes more often.
• Above all else, always choose kindness.
Any moment when you feel lost of unsure or just need a push in the right direction, take a breath, say “AH” and think: “What would Alex do?” This is the #TheAlexHaydenEffect
Pass. It. On.
Credit: With love and light from Big Leo Productions.
In honor and memory of Stephanie’s brother Alex, tragically killed by a drunk driver, July 14, 2018.

Doesn’t Play Well with Others
3:20 pm | July 9, 2020

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Although Jimmy loved people, he never liked any other dogs. Generally, he would ignore them. We would often take him to friends’ houses, and he wouldn’t even look at their dogs. We described this as a type of K-9 arrogance and explained it as his superiority — at least in his mind — to other creatures. I’ve never seen an animal so uninterested in its own kind.

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