Find your purpose
4:40 pm | February 28, 2019

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Be like Max and fulfill your purpose. Bark. Here. Now. #SAVEFURSYTH

Love Your Pet Day
4:38 pm |

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Over the years, Todd painted several portraits of Freddie and Joey and on this #LoveYourPetDay, we thought we would share our favorite. (Isn’t this every day??) Big woofs and wags to everyone in your pack. #SAVEFURSYTH

Thank you!
4:37 pm |

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Thank you to everyone who shared all their wonderful rescue pets with us yesterday. A throwback photo of Freddie and Joey in their prime enjoying a long walk. We’ll be making a $50.00 donation to Unchain Winston to help build fences for dogs chained 24/7. #SAVEFURSYTH

4:36 pm |

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We’re proud supporters of the #SAVEFURSYTH Forsyth County Animal Coalition, working hard for a 90% save rate in our county. Let’s see all your beautiful rescues! For every photo shared on this post by 11:59pm tonight (Feb. 12, 2019) with the #SAVEFURSYTH hashtag, we’ll donate $1.00 to Unchain Winston. We’ve been privileged to share our lives with some wonderful rescues and for those who’ve followed us for a while know that we lost Freddie’s brother dog, Joey almost 4 years ago. Love looking back at photos of them together. They were such a wonderful pair. #MissJoey

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