Deac and Libba
2:53 pm | January 8, 2020

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The last holiday treats have been enjoyed with your family and friends and the decorations are put away waiting to be enjoyed again next year. What is there to look forward to? Why enjoying all the beautiful new artwork gifts painted by Todd. Today we share best friends Deac and Libba, a lovely gift from a son to his parents who “have everything” but we bet they didn’t have this!

“Wow!! Amazing how Todd captures their likeness! Love it!!
So excited to give to them for Christmas!!” — Tad R., WS, NC

We’re celebrating our Top Fans!
3:21 pm | January 6, 2020

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We love our fans! Your comments, likes, shares and tags on our posts are the highlight of our day. In 2019, Facebook started designating “Top Fans.” We do not choose top fans, a “Top Fan” designation is given by FB to those who regularly interact with our posts. In 2020, we’re celebrating our Top Fans with a monthly giveaway. At the end of every month, we will randomly draw one Top Fan name and they will receive a Jimmydog print item and travel cup. There’s still plenty of time for you to get in on all the fun. Make sure to comment, comment, comment (more comments get you to Top Fan status quicker), like, tag and share our posts and you too will be a Top Fan! (Prints pictured are samples of the type of item the winner will receive.)

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