The Executive Team
9:27 pm | March 2, 2020

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Do not disturb. Important meeting in progress!

Welcome Luna!
9:26 pm |

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Chief Canine Officer is a BIG job. To ensure adequate play and naptime, the many responsibilities are best shared. After an exhaustive interview process, we’re very excited to introduce you to Luna, Miss Sally’s co-CCO in training. She’s off to a great start and we feel sure she’ll be a wonderful addition to the team.

Time for another Top Fan
9:25 pm |

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February will soon be coming to a close and on Friday we’ll be drawing for our 2nd Top Fan of 2020! Plenty of time for you to get in all the fun. Keep liking, commenting and sharing our posts for your chance to win a Jimmydog Travel mug and art print item. Be on the lookout Friday am to see if you’re the winner! Items pictured are similar to the type of art print the winner will receive.

Simon Puff Crosses the Bridge
9:24 pm |

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Our Jimmy, Joey and Freddie are doing such a great job on the rainbow bridge welcoming committee making sure all who cross are quickly settled into their wonderful new homes. We never know who they may meet and are so appreciative when friends share the wonderful letters Jimmy sends letting them know their loved ones made it across and are doing well. Thank you to our friend Missy & family for sharing Jimmy’s note after they said goodbye to their beloved SImon Puff.

Dear Jason, Missy, Korra, Kyoshi and Lucy

Hi! It’s Jimmy from the Rainbow Bridge. We’ve been having a really nice time getting to know your dear boy Simon since he arrived and I didn’t want to wait another moment to send you an update. There’s so much to tell!

On the day he crossed the bridge, Simon sauntered across, turning it into his personal catwalk! He looked so handsome with his soft, luxurious fur and unique markings that several cats in the arrival area pushed their way forward to get a glimpse of him. “Is he a cat-lebrity?” I heard one of them ask her friend.

“Simon! Welcome!” I woofed, making my way through the crowd of cats. Simon looked around, his tail twitching slightly, taking everything in.

“Hello!” Simon meowed. “So, this is the Rainbow Bridge! I’ve heard a lot about it.”

My pals Freddie and Joey and I introduced ourselves, explaining that we’re ambassadors for the Rainbow Bridge Newcomers Club and that we’d been specifically chosen to help welcome him, show him the hotspots and get him settled into his house.

“It’s always an honor to welcome pets of UNchain Winston volunteers,” Freddie said.

“We’re pets of UNchain Winston volunteers, too,” Joey added. “We’ve gotten to know your siblings — Ryoku, Tenchi and Okami, even Hugs and Kisses, and Skittles and Jinx. Great group! They’re waiting for you at the house, putting finishing touches on your bedroom so everything is purrfect when you arrive.”

“But first, we’d thought we’d get a bite of lunch,” Freddie said. “New arrivals are usually famished.”

“Now that you mention it, I am a little hungry,” Simon said.

“Then let’s eat,” I said. Although we dogs often use LegLyfts to get around, cats usually prefer to walk rather than ride, so we set off at a leisurely pace. We hadn’t gone far before Simon whispered, “Are we part of a parade?”

Freddie, Joey and I exchanged confused glances and looked around to see the cats from the arrival area following not far behind us. Then I noticed there were females of all species — cats, dogs, potbellied pigs, even a parrot — stopped along the street to watch us pass by.

“No, Simon. Not a parade,” I said. “I think you’ve just got a lot of admirers!” Then, turning to the tagalong cats behind us, I offered, “Would you ladies like to join us for lunch at Tank?”

When we arrived at the restaurant, Freddie took the lead. “We had a reservation for four but we’re going to need a bigger table,” Freddie said to the hostess, a sleek Siamese who didn’t look like she’d tolerate last-minute changes. Yet she surprised us, saying it would be no problem. (Since we’ve crossed the bridge, Freddie, Joey and I have spent a lot of time with cats, although we still have a hard time reading feline body language. One minute, you’re having a nice chat, maybe sniffing a hind end, and the next minute, the cat swipes you on the nose, claws out!)

As we entered Tank, Simon’s eyes got huge and his whiskers quivered. With its aquarium-lined walls, the restaurant has that effect on cats! “Order whatever you like — anything in the tanks, prepared any way you want,” I told him. Simon settled on tuna from the “Raw and Right Now” section of the menu — and his new feline friends ordered the same. Freddie, Joey and I, not big fish eaters, tried the fried frog legs. Yum!

As we ate, the cats told Simon all about the Catch Me If You Can Avian Hunting Grounds and Mole & Vole Village, two of the most popular parks among Rainbow Bridge cats. “And we should make a date for spa day at Fur Fluffers,” said a fluffy orange tabby, licking tuna off her whiskers. “They’ve got sudsy tubs for dogs, but for us cats, they’ve got giant bathing tongues that feel amazing!”

“I’ve never heard of such a thing,” Simon said. “But it sounds good, and I do like to look my best.”

After lunch, we parted ways with the other cats and headed to Simon’s new house. What a reunion he had with all the Moorefield fur babies! It took a while for everyone to catch up, then the dogs led the way to Simon’s room. It was quite the place, with ladders and steps for climbing into cozy beds that were perched alongside tall windows and up near the skylight. From the ceiling hung feathered and furry toys for swatting, and across the floor were scattered boxes and baskets — a feline favorite because they can be beds or toys!

Simon climbed into a shoebox, his fur cascading over the sides and declared the whole place “Purrfect!” As Simon explored more of his bedroom, Hugs and Kisses came in, carrying an unexpected surprise for me, Freddie and Joey: an invitation to a Puppy Bowl party.

“We’d love to come!” I said, offering to bring a platter of stuffed bones. Ever since that great shindig they hosted for all the pets of UNchain Winston volunteers a while back, your fur babies have thrown a bunch of parties. We’ve never turned down an invitation delivered by Hugs and Kisses: We always have a great time!

Knowing we’d be returning soon for the party, we said our goodbyes to Simon, who was starting to doze off in a little hammock slung under a sunny window. When we arrived a few weeks later, the house was packed, not only with your fur babies, but with a lot of the UNchain Winston pets, too: Foster, Lilly Jade, Isabelle, Wallace, Dixie, Blue, Jill, Fred, Freeda, Penny, Tucker, Clifford and even DB, another recent Rainbow Bridge newcomer. They’d turned the front yard into a little gridiron, and several of the dogs were playing football. We watched as Okami ran away from the pack for a touchdown, with Ryoku and Tenchi blocking. Moorefields for the win!

Inside, we found Simon and some of the cat friends he’d made that very first day in the living room, each reclining on a different level of an enormous cat tree and snacking on a party mix of dried trout, crab bits and shrimp flakes.

“Welcome!” Simon meowed. “Care for a shrimp flake?” Simon admitted he’s not a big football fan but he and the cats were eager to see Jenni-Purr Lopez and Cat-ira in the halftime show. And once they took the stage to sing “Catnips Don’t Lie,” we had to agree it was quite a performance!

It was a great Puppy Bowl, too. Freddie, Joey and I rooted for Team Ruff, but in honor of Simon’s arrival, your fur babies pulled for Team Fluff, which, of course, won! Simon seemed quite pleased by that.

“And now that the Puppy Bowl is over, it’s time for the best TV show of them all,” Skittles and Jinx said, working together to push 231 on the TV remote.

“This is my favorite part of life here across the Rainbow Bridge, watching channel 231 and seeing my family again every night before we go to bed,” Simon said.

“I was with them for nearly 20 years,” he continued, his eyes a little misty. “I will never forget how much they loved me. And I hope they never forget their Simon Puff.”

Tail wags and doggy kisses!


Diamond Girl
9:22 pm |

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Shining like the gem she is, Diamond is Todd’s latest memorial portrait. After the loss a beloved pet, the most loving gift from a friend to honor for all time the loved they shared.

Edgeworth finds his place at The Rainbow Bridge
5:20 pm | January 30, 2020

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Last week we shared the sad news about our good friend Edgeworth as he made his journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Our rainbow pack was there to greet him and our good boy Jimmy made sure to quickly get a letter out to his family so they can rest easy knowing he’s safe and cared for. They have graciously let us share it with you.

Dear Kathleen and Kevyn,

Hi! It’s Jimmy here. What a time we’ve been having since your sweet boy Edgeworth arrived!

When they heard he’d be crossing the bridge, Georgia, Handsome, Gnarly, Bixby, Blossom and JoJo piled into a special LegLyft limo so they could welcome him in style along with the official Newcomers Club Ambassador team of me, Joey and Freddie. As Edgeworth’s pack rolled through the arrival area, it was quite a sight: each bulldog’s rotund head hanging out a separate window, the breeze blowing back their jowls, and JoJo the cat sitting pertly in the driver’s seat.

Edgeworth strolled across the bridge, a big grin across his muzzle, clearly thrilled to see his old friends and to meet his ancestral pack members.

“Edgeworth!” “EW!” “Worthy!” everyone shouted, the celebratory slobber of the bulldogs dripping all over the place.

“Hello! What a welcome!” Edgeworth woofed, surveying the landscape. “Is there anything to eat around here?”

Everybody laughed. We’d already made reservations at the Beef Bar, a rustic steakhouse with sawdust on the floors and giant pieces of meat on platters. Edgeworth ordered a bone-in filet and a bowl of beef stock to drink.

“Eat up, everyone,” Bixby said, enjoying a chirp-and-turf dish of chicken and steak. “We’ve got big plans after this.”

“I might be ready for a nap,” Edgeworth said, chewing happily on his bone, the meat long gone.

“Don’t worry,” I said. “You can grab a quick nap in the limo.” And so he did, as we made our way to The Dapper Dog. Before he arrived, we’d put together quite a wardrobe for him, filling a dresser and closet in his new bedroom with coats, collars, hats and bandanas for all seasons and all occasions. But now that he was here, we wanted him to pick out a very special outfit.

“Welcome to The Dapper Dog, where you’ll find everything you need to be a well-dressed gentledog,” a freshly coifed poodle said as our big group crowded into the store. “What can I help you with?”

“This is our new arrival Edgeworth,” I said, as he moved to the front of the pack. “I think you had set some things aside for him to try on.” “Of course,” the poodle said, trotting off and then returning with an array of robes in rich shades of gold, red and purple.

“For me?” Edgeworth said. “For you!” I said. Edgeworth stood before a large mirror, admiring himself as Bixby and Blossom helped him in and out of each robe.

“I’m thinking the purple. Or maybe the red,” Edgeworth said.

“Get both, and you’ll also need this,” Georgia said, placing a gold crown on his head. “And this,” Blossom said, handing him a delicious-looking stick. It was shaped like a scepter, a red rubber ball standing in for bejeweling on one end.

“It’s pewrrfect,” Edgeworth mumbled, the scepter firmly in his mouth. He couldn’t have looked more regal.

With their teeth, Gnarly and Handsome picked up the ends of the purple robe Edgeworth had chosen to wear out of the store, the two dogs trailing behind him like courtly pages, and off we went to our next stop: the Central Square. It’s a lovely greenspace with a small pond in the center and, at one end, the Capital “Pee” Post Office. Most of us stop by there once a day to check our “mailboxes” — little numbered bonsai bushes where we leave each other messages.

Seeing benches built for a variety of differently legged animals, Edgeworth settled into a low-rise model suitable for bulldogs, dachshunds and the like. The rest of us lounged on the lush grass around him.

And, just as we expected, all the animals passing through the square began to make their way to Edgeworth, offering a welcoming “woof” or “meow.” He even got a few “How you doin’?” oinks from a pair of potbellied pigs on their way to get mud masks at the Pampered Pig spa.

“Everyone is so friendly here!” Edgeworth said, just as our feline friend Zoe sauntered up. “What’s your name?” she said, rubbing up against his robe, leaving bits of black fur on the fabric.

“He’s King EW,” JoJo said before Edgeworth could answer. Stretched in the grass with her eyes closed, we thought she’d been taking a catnap.

“But you can call me Edgeworth,” he quickly added.

“That’s a nice name,” Zoe said. “Unusual.”

“I was named after a very special woman,” he said. And then he turned to me and Joey, “Makes me think. I might like to go back to The Dapper Dog and get a pink robe in her honor.”

“Good idea,” I said. “You’ve also got pink collars and bandanas in your wardrobe at home. And speaking of home, it’s probably time to get you settled there.”

We hailed another LegLyft limo and headed to the house Edgeworth shares with JoJo and all the bulldogs. The dogs settled into cushy beds on the floor, while JoJo climbed up to a snuggly perch in the corner of the living room.

“Can we watch TV?” Edgeworth asked. “Jimmy, I’ve read some of the letters you’ve sent back to the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Knowing that I will be able to watch channel 2235 and see my family whenever I want made it easier for me to cross over myself.”

When Freddie turned on the TV, the screen filled with an image of two kittens chasing each other around the room as a couple watched, laughing at their feline antics. Edgeworth’s eyes lit up and his tail wagged. “Best TV show ever!” he said.

As we continued to watch the goings-on at 2235, I asked Edgeworth if he’d had a good time at the square. “You certainly are a popular guy,” I said.

“I like everyone and I do try to make friends wherever I go,” Edgeworth replied, his eyes shifting away from me and back to the TV. “But there’s no one I’ll ever love more than my mom and dad. They rescued me from a lonely life in a basement — and gave me a life fit for a king.”

Tail wags and doggy kisses!


National Have Fun at Work Day
2:57 pm | January 28, 2020

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Starting the day right on National Have Fun at Work Day, CCO Miss Sally and her playmates are ready for their first nap! Wishing you a joyful and fun-filled day wherever you are.

Jimmy welcomes Simon
7:15 pm | January 22, 2020

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Jimmy and our Rainbow Pack are wonderful at keeping us updated on so many of your beloved pets as they cross the bridge. This urgent dispatch just arrived.

Dear Gina Burlovich
Hi! It’s Jimmy from the Rainbow Bridge with a quick update: Your handsome boy Simon MacFurrgus has arrived safely!

What a sweet cat! My pals Joey and Freddie and I met Simon as he crossed. Cats are sometimes confused by a trio of dogs being ambassadors for the Newcomers Club, but after we took Simon to lunch at Tank (they have the best fresh fish) then dessert at Cheesemongers, he trusted us completely! He especially likes Freddie, who promised to take him to the Catch Me If You Can Avian Hunting Grounds and Mole & Vole Village. For every critter he “catches,” he’ll get a plushie bird or critter.

Simon loves his house here — a place designed with a cat’s every need in mind. The walls and ceilings are covered in pathways and perches. A fireplace keeps things cozy and Simon can display his hunting trophies on its mantel. As we headed out, Simon settled into a chair warmed to 98.6 degrees and shaped like a woman’s arms. Purring softly, he said, “This place is perfect! And this chair is so comforting — just like my wonderful mom.”

Tail wags and doggy kisses!


Goodbye Edgeworth
6:15 pm | January 21, 2020

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It is with a breaking heart that we say goodbye to one of our best friends. Without a doubt, Edgeworth was a king among canines. He had the biggest heart, loved and was loved by all who met him. The King has left the building. Run in peace, Edgeworth. 5/6/07–1/21/20.

Todd was honored to paint this portrait of Edgeworth and his earthly pack mates, Bixby and Blossom and those who came before him here on earth, Georgia, Handsome and Gnarly. We know that our rainbow pups were there to greet him and get him all settled in. We’re sure we’ll hear from Jimmy soon with all the details.

Our deepest condolences to our dear friends Kathleen Graham and her husband Kev.

Old dogs are the best
7:21 pm | January 16, 2020

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If you’re lucky, you will earn the love of an old dog and we’ve been blessed with 3 that lived good, long lives. Other than CCO Miss Sally, we’d give anything for one more kiss from Jimmy, Joey and Freddie. Wish we could have them all here together with us now.

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